Creating a Website for a Funeral Home

The final assignment for my Writing for New Media class was to create a website using Google Sites. This was an interesting exercise. Not only did I need to learn new skills in order to design a functioning website, but it also tested my creativity.

I have to admit, the fictional business I based the website on was a little strange. I decided to imagine a funeral home as my client. To be fair, the idea didn’t come from nowhere – I used to want to work in the funeral industry.

This idea, however, did present some interesting and unexpected challenges. A funeral home’s website needs to be crafted with their clients in mind. There are a few important aspects that must be considered:

  • The language you use should be professional, and also take into account that the person using the website is likely to be experiencing grief. To me, this meant avoiding unnecessarily direct or upsetting language when discussing the topic of death.
  • Some of the users of the website may be older. They may not be adept at technology, or their vision may be poor. The website, therefore, had to be intuitive, and the font had to be large and clear. (I made the mistake of choosing to work with New Google Sites, which is notoriously difficult when it comes to altering font sizes.)
  • The graphics of the site should be appropriate for the business. The site’s homepage is pictured above. I chose tasteful, muted colours to maintain a professional site theme. I had to get creative with imagery, as I could find no appropriate ‘funeral’ themed stock photos that were free to use. Instead, I opted to use images that hinted towards the idea of a funeral. These included floral bouquets, and decorative vases in lieu of urns.

Feel free to take a look at my finished site:

If you have any further questions on how I created the website, please let me know in the comments.

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